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To discuss a Road Traffic Accident Without Expense or Obligation please contact us.

  1. We can arrange for a car to be provided to you when repairs are being carried out to your vehicle or if it is not roadworthy.
  2. We can arrange for you to attend physiotherapy treatment, locally if necessary, without expense to you.
  3. Generally, medical examinations are carried out by visiting Consultants in our office building, unless an injury requires specialist investigation/examination.

Am I entitled to use my own Solicitor?

Yes it is your case and you are fully entitled to use your own solicitor no matter what you have been told by your own insurance company, insurance broker or car hire company

Will it cost me?

There is absolutely no reason why it should cost you any money.

Will it affect my own insurance?

Your claim should be taken against the party who caused the accident and should not affect your insurance in any way.

What about another car?

We would strongly advise that before signing any car rental agreement you take independent legal advice

The scenario below sets out how the system works on many occasions

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